Belle groaned. These were going to be the most boring holidays ever. Her mum had told her that an old friend from ages ago had invited their family for a visit Belle had never
even heard of them before….why should she have to come as well?

Her big brother
didn’t have to come….. but then again, he was old enough to stay home by himself. Kids our age never get to do anything.

“Mrs. Flynn has a daughter called Emily, about your age. It’ll be fun,” her mum had told her.Belle pouted her lips. It didn’t sound fun at all. Emily and Mrs. Flynn lived in the middle of nowhere, ages away from the beach. Belle had been looking forward to a holiday filled with snorkelling and shell collecting…… but now she had to go to a cattle station.

Belle fidgeted with her long brown hair as she peered out the window from the back seat of their family car.

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